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Rihanna and Chris Brown are finished and any reports of reconciliation are way off the mark. According to insiders, that ship sailed long ago for Chrianna.

Not to mention … he’s reportedly still in love with Karrueche Tran.

Amid reports that Brown got dumped by Tran after Rihanna visited him in rehab, the obligatory rumors of a reunion between Chris and Rih came on strong.

But despite the strong feelings that exist, it’s just not true.

Chris Brown and Rihanna: Over For Good?

Chris Brown and Rihanna broke up in 2009, briefly and publicly reconciled in 2013, then split again for good. That, sources close to them say, is how it’ll stay.

Rihanna and Drake are traveling all over Europe, first of all, and Chris still carries a torch for Karruche. So Chris-Rihanna rumors are doubly false.

“Lies. All lies! She’s let that go last year and she really wishes everybody else would too,” a source dished. “He’s of no consequence to her at this point. Lies."


"All the best to him but there’s definitely nothing going on between them. She’s spending all her time with Drake overseas. No time to think about old s–t.”

If that anonymous source isn’t enough for you, consider that Rihanna and Drake are acting every bit the couple in public now, holding hands at the airport and such.

As for the troubled Brown, who’s still in treatment for anger management?

Chris posted a tweet, likely in response to these very rumors of a reconciliation with his ex and referring to Karrueche by her nickname, saying:

"KAE will always be my heart. That ain’t changing."

Likely for the best, given how this turned out …