Renee Oteri Introduces Fiance, Shows Juan Pablo Galavis What He's Missing

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Renee Oteri didn't get her TV prince charming, but given that the prince charming was Juan Pablo Galavis, she's probably better off with her fiance Bracy.

The Bachelor contestant is engaged to her onetime childhood sweetheart, a former military member also happens to have been her first kiss! Ever!

Renee Oteri, Fiance

"My forever," she wrote on Instagram yesterday with this picture.

The couple is certainly cute, and clearly over the moon in life.

Renee Oteri got engaged to Bracy last week while house hunting in Seattle. They've since moved there together with Renee's 8-year-old son, Ben.

Bracy did a bang-up job in the ring department, too, gifting her a 1.25-carat circle-cut diamond ring on a 14-karat white gold band covered in diamonds.

What will Nikki Ferrell or Clare Crawley get from Juan Pablo?

Very possibly nothing. You can check out The Bachelor spoilers for all the scoop on Monday's finale, but it's hard to see this guy getting down on one knee.

Just saying. He didn't do it for his baby mama. Why now?

Back to Renee, she met Bracy when they were 12 and dated him long-distance as adults, with Renee living in Massachusetts and Bracy based in Colorado.

They broke up in 2010, but clearly rekindled their middle-school-era flame sometime after Renee's actual time on The Bachelor ended in October.

The 32-year-old beauty couldn't be happier now, but calls Juan Pablo a "class act" and told reporters that she felt bad he's being so publicly criticized.

"I definitely know him and obviously people are going to write things and say things that may or may not be true, but I mean honestly," Renee said.

"You do get to know each other really, really well ... I still feel the same about him now that I did the moment I met him. I have nothing negative to say."

Oteri sounds like the real class act to us. Congrats!

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