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Paula Patton hasn’t totally shut the door on reconciling with estranged husband Robin Thicke, but he’s not going to sway her by crying about the split in concert.

According to reports, the actress is rather unimpressed with Robin telling paparazzi he’s trying to win her back or by dedicating love songs to her in concert.

All hope is not lost for him, though.

Robin Thicke: I'm Trying to Get Paula Patton Back!

Although Robin Thicke and Paula Patton separated in a public statement, and she told him she wanted a divorce, she hasn’t hired a lawyer or filed papers.

In other words, the singer’s wife of almost a decade and mother of his young son Julian is deeply upset, but she remains open to reconciliation … but …

There’s a giant BUT coming.

Basically, Robin has to prove his loyalty … and actions speak louder than words. She’s keeping tabs on him even though they’re apart to monitor this, too.


She wants to know which parties he attends, and which after parties he attends; She wants to know who he hangs out with and what he’s doing there.

Robin Thicke Dedication to Paula Patton

She knows the media has its attention trained on Robin, especially given the couple’s recent split, and she views the paparazzi as her private detectives.

Think he can pass this test and put his money where his mouth his?

Paula and Robin got into a blowout fight after the VMAs, with her believing he insulted her before a global TV audience with Miley Cyrus Twerking on him.

They both conceded that it was unplanned, and was all Miley.

However, he ran with it, angering Patton; It only went downhill after he was photographed grabbing Lana Scolaro’s ass … which she also downplayed at the time.

Good luck, Robin.