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Steve Hirsch of Vivid Entertainment says a Marilyn Monroe sex tape with JFK and RFK would be worth eight figures easily, however he doesn’t think it’s legit.

Still, he’s prepared to pay $10,000 just for the “privilege” of seeing it.

“If it’s legit and we can distribute it, it will be a massive bestseller,” the Vivid CEO said, though “the pieces just don’t add up and I’m more than a little skeptical.”

Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller
(Getty Images)

“In fact I want to be the first to screen it. What’s the value of the movie if distributed on the open market? $10 million minimum and probably a lot more.”

The alleged Marilyn Monroe sex tape was set to be auctioned off by the Tulare (Calif.) County Sheriff, which had been seized the property, two days ago.

As part of a lawsuit involving William Castleberry, the purported porno was confiscated; however, he paid off a judgment against him at the 11th over.

As such, the tape is slated to be returned to him.


Castleberry insists the tape is real, and that he only kept it private for so long because he was good friends with Joe DiMaggio, Marilyn’s former husband.

Questions about the legitimacy of the tape have been raised, however, with several sources reaching out to Radar to suggest it simply does not exist.

“William’s sex tape of the Kennedys and Marilyn doesn’t exist,” said one insider. “There’s absolutely nothing on the 8 mm tape and nothing is visible.”

“Most of his collection is fake,” they said of the Hollywood collector. “People should be very, very careful before bidding on any purported memorabilia.”

Castleberry denied adamantly that this or that anything in his collection is fake, insisting, “No way. The tape is real and so is everything that the cops took.”

There’s no doubt about these facts, at the very least:

The Kim Kardashian sex tape is real. So is the Farrah Abraham … whatever you wanna call that display. It’s not really a “sex tape,” more of a porno.

Either way: Boning Central. Knock yourselves out.