Oscar Mayer Invents Bacon-Scented Alarm Clock, World Rejoices

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The brilliant people at Oscar Mayer have out-brillianted themselves.

They figured the one sure way to get people out of bed in the morning is with the sound - and smell - of bacon cooking. Because if there is one thing Americans love more than sleep, it's bacon.

Bacon Alarm Clock

They've invented a small device that plugs into the headphone jack of your iPhone and interacts with their free bacon-sound alarm clock app.

When your alarm goes off, you'll not only hear bacon sizzling, you'll also smell it. With your nose! For real!

Unfortunately for us, you cannot buy this amazing device. You have to go to their new Wake Up And Smell The Bacon website between now and April 4, 2014 and sign up for a chance to receive one.

(To research this post I obviously had to apply. I'm sad to report I didn't win one... yet. Although I swear I can already smell bacon cooking after writing the word "bacon" so many times.)

On second thought, this whole idea seems sort of cruel. Waking up to the irresistible smell of bacon only to discover...no bacon?? Torture.

The Oscar Mayer Institute for the Advancement of Bacon also released a video that you really just have to see. There are no words. Well maybe one word....


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