Majesty Rose: Sad AND Happy Over American Idol Elimination

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Majesty Rose has been forced to abdicate her American Idol throne.

The young hopeful was eliminated from the Fox series last night and told reporters soon afterward that she has mixed feelings about the result.

Majesty Says Goodbye

"Obviously I'm sad,” Rose said. "But at the same time I am really happy because I made it. What number am I? [Top 9.] That's really good out of over 75,000 people. I can't be all that sad. There's worse things going on in the world than this, definitely."

That is for sure. What a refreshing perspective for Majesty to possess.

Rose will also be part of the American Idol tour this summer. Beyond that?

"I actually see myself doing everything, seriously," she says. "Being diverse, or 'divergent' like I like to call it, is tricky being on American Idol.

"But I think outside of 'American Idol it can really work in my favor a lot because I can do a lot of things. I can sing and I can act and I think I can do everything really. I can see myself on Broadway and on kids shows and everything! So I'm excited I can choose."

And we're excited to see how far she can do.

Did America make the right call in voting Rose out?

Here is a look at your remaining Season 13 finalists:

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