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Kate Gosselin is returning to TLC with her brood, the network announced. A one-hour special this summer will catch us up on Kate Plus 8 … and Minus Jon.

Kate Gosselin: Returning to TLC!

"In 2007, viewers first fell in love with one of the most talked about families in reality television history," the network shared of the Gosselin family in a release.

The Pennsylvania-based duo rapidly rose to fame, raising Cara and Mady, now 13, and sextuplets, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel, age 9.

The couple then dominated news with their off-screen antics, and bitter divorce in 2009. Jon & Kate Plus 8 became Kate Plus 8, then ended in 2011.

The TLC special will get Jon & Kate fans "up to speed" on what has changed since, including how the kids have grown, and Kate’s "evolving life and career."

Finally, TLC plans to take a "look back" at some of the most memorable, "poignant family moments" experienced by the Gosselins through the years.

Jon to Kate Gosselin: DIE DIE DIE!

Don’t expect Jon and Kate to appear on screen together in many of those.

Not surprisingly, there was no mention of Jon Gosselin’s name; Jon has firmly held his ground and spoken out against his children being on reality TV.

He did, however, just star on Couples Therapy with girlfriend Liz Janetta.

Jon made quite an impression there too, unleashing a profane rant about his "narcissistic" ex, saying that Kate Gosselin can f—ing die for all he cares.

Kate has also joined the Celebrity Apprentice cast for 2014 … obviously.

The TLC special of the Gosselin family will air in June, so it should be an eventful spring for Kate on TV, and Jon bashing the crap out of her for it.