Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 14 Recap: The End of Hospital Romances!?

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Following the anonymous complaint the previous week, Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 14 saw the hospital implement a no-relationship policy.

That's right, Grey's Anatomy without the romance. This won't last, of course, as there would be no show without it - a fact clearly not lost on the writers.

After 200 episodes, you start to run out of fresh ideas.

Anyway, Owen enacted a "non-fraternization" policy that essentially banned on-call room hookups or dating between docs overall. His main justification?

The board wants a "safe" work environment focused on patients and believes this can only be achieved without all of the relationship drama we love.

Still, we would have no show. So it won't last. It can't.

How did the doctors respond? In the case of Jo and Alex, by staging a fight scene right in the middle of the hospital - and a pretty convincing one at that.

In the end, they were warned by "the panty police."

Warned to keep their relationship strictly professional at the hospital, this did not sit well with Karev, however it may end up making Jolex even stronger.

As for Jackson and April, they're going incognito.

When they were caught getting their FREAK ON in the supply closet, however, the jig was up ... though since they are secretly married, it's legit people!

Owen and Emma, meanwhile, broke things off.

In an abrupt turnaround, he was talking about moving in with her at the start, only to pull the plug by night's end, all due to a night with Cristina.

Are Cristina and Owen better together or apart?

The same question can be asked of Callie and Arizona, whose new house and new ring may just be patches for what looks to be a fractured relationship.

In other Grey's Anatomy news ... Isaiah Washington is returning as Dr. Burke! In a shocking turn of events, he will reprise his role as Cristina bows out.

A core cast member from the onset, Washington famously got fired after Season 3, following his anti-gay comments that outed co-star T.R. Knight.

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