Justin Bieber Peeing Footage: It's Here!

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For the second time in two days, the Miami Police Department has given us a look at Justin Bieber peeing.

Earlier this week, fans were treated (?) to surveillance video footage of Bieber taking a urinalysis test that eventually came back positive for Xanax and weed.

Now, authorities have made public the much-hyped coverage of Bieber peeing in jail the night he was arrested for DUI, following a judge's decree that Bieber's penis is fair game... as long it is blurred out.

So watch now to see Justin empty his bladder, with his privates covered by a GIANT black box that's either an example of the Miami PD playing it safe - or proof of why this singer is so popular with the ladies:

Click around now for a look at more footage of Bieber behind bars, including the artist being searched and trying to walk a straight line:


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