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Hey, a Justin Bieber video that doesn’t make him look like an arrogant douchebag!

With the world still shaking its collective head over Bieber’s deposition last week, he posted a video on his Instagram account yesterday that now gives fans something else to buzz over:

A VERY sexy dance routine between him and Selena Gomez!

As previously detailed, the former couple spent a day together in Texas late last week; drinking coffee, going perfume shopping and renting out a dance studio for two hours.

Why did they rehearse to John Legend’s "Ordinary People," with Bieber shirtless and picking up Selena like they’re the stars of Dirty Dancing? It remains unclear.

But this is some hot stuff right here:

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: The Sexy Dance!

The owner of the dance studio says Bieber and Selena acted close and into each other, which is made abundantly clear in the above video.


Were they also close and into each other later that night, if you know what we mean? (We mean did he have her up against the wall but naked this time?)

We can’t say for certain at this time, THGers. We don’t think anyone can.

But we would not be surprised at all, given the history between these two stars who just can’t quit one another, despite a turbulent past few months.

Check out a gallery of images from their sexy choreography below:

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber: Should they be together?