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Well… well… well… what do we have here?!?

A day after Justin Bieber exploded at an attorney in a Miami deposition because the lawyer kept asking about Selena Gomez, guess with whom Justin had coffee this morning in Texas:


Selena Gomez: Goddess

Sources tell TMZ that this ex-couple was “canoodling all morning” and spent parts of this afternoon perfume shopping and coffee drinking.


Selena posted the above photo on Instagram about a half hour ago, making no mention of her famous date at the time.

She’s performing in Hidalgo tonight, making it seem very likely that Bieber flew in just to see his former flame.

Bieber, of course, referred to Gomez as an elegant princess just a few days ago and is clearly making an attempt to get back on her good side.

But insiders claim Selena scoffed at Bieber’s compliment and is really, truly, finally over the artist who has caused her so much recent pain.

Is she really, though? Can anyone get over Justin Bieber?!?

Based on this new sighting, we wouldn’t be shocked if we’ll be adding to the following photo gallery in the near future: