Juan Pablo Galavis to The Bachelor: I'M DONE with This Crap!

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Embattled Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis has given the show a giant kiss-off, telling producers and ABC he is done with the show and any efforts to promote it.

The question is whether that's actually a blessing in disguise for the show.

Juan Pablo flat out told Warner Bros. he won't do any post-season publicity for the program, and the best part is that the studio is not fighting him on it.

After the disastrous Bachelor season finale Monday evening, he no-showedd Good Morning America the next morning, and made it clear it was by design.

Hey, he is nothing if not honest with people, as he's told us 200 times.

Of course, that won't preclude people from thinking he's a dick, which is why Warner Bros. isn't exactly begging him to reconsider his media blackout.

Insiders say he damages the franchise brand at this point. Ya think?!

As for the show itself, producers reportedly grew to despise Juan Pablo Galavis over the course of the season, and it appears the feeling was mutual.

Notwithstanding the fact that he didn't propose to Nikki Ferrell:

  • He made derogatory comments about gay people.
  • Three of the top six women this season hate him.
  • His douchebag behavior has become legendary.
  • Clearly he could not give a f--k about the show.

Long story short, he's saying good riddance to the reality show that could've made him a star but instead made him look like a complete jackass.

ABC, WB and everyone involved would just as soon move on too, with Andi Dorfman set to debut as The Bachelorette May 19. Time for a fresh start.

Juan Pablo Galavis: The worst Bachelor ever?

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