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Worst. Bachelor. Ever?

It all came down to this on ABC’s The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 11, the epic season finale, followed of course by the After the Final Rose special.

We came into this evening with just two women remaining on this “journey.” Would Nikki Ferrell or Clare Crawley become the future Mrs. Juan Pablo Galavis?

That was the question on everyone’s mind heading into the final rose ceremony when, as predicted, Juan Pablo chose one woman and rejected the other.

So who won the final rose? Did he propose? And are they even together?

Turns out The Bachelor spoilers were pretty spot on here in 2014.

Not only was the longtime speculation regarding the winner accurate, so were the details surrounding this weird season and how the aftermath played out.

So who won and who lost (and/or dodged a bullet)? Read on …

Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis left St. Lucia as a couple!

That’s right, she got the rose, but El Bachelor didn’t propose.

Clare Crawley got the heave ho, and Nikki won. But that’s it.

And yet a lot was revealed on the season finale. Namely:

As for whether Juan and Nikki have any sort of future, that we will have to wait beyond the standard After the Final Rose special filler to truly find out.

They have no plans, really, to do anything. But stay tuned.

It’s been rumored that Galavis was “hurt” after getting dumped by Andi Dorfman and “doesn’t necessarily find his soul mate” with Clare or Nikki.

It’s also rumored that Juan Pablo went on the show as a giant self-promotional campaign but never had any real engagement or marriage aspirations.

Think that’s true, based on what we just saw play out tonight? Did he lead them on this whole time? Or was he just not feeling these final two? What do you think?

Also, Andi Dorfman is your new Bachelorette. She’s so hot.

What do you think of the season finale? Was the non-proposal a letdown? Is Juan Pabs the worst Bachelor in history? Share your comments and votes below:

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