Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 11 Recap: Abby vs. Cathy (and Fair Play)

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Every good villain needs a worthy adversary, otherwise they're not a villain as much as an autocratic dictator with unchecked power over everybody.

Sometimes, it does feel like Abby Lee Miller is that dictator. But Tuesday on Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 11, Cathy stepped up as a formidable foil.

Abby tells Gia that she's bringing in Fallon to start shaping the new team; Fallon and Cheryl are told they will have two days to get ready for the competition.

At pyramid, Maddie is back on top after of one of her best performances ever. Not to be confused with her previous 12 best performances ever.

Rehearsal starts and the moms are banished to the observation deck where they watch the girls work. This routine is meant to make Cathy "red with envy."

Did it work? You can follow the link to watch Dance Moms online to see it for yourself, but we'll recap the key takeaways from the event for you here:

Cathy in Ohio has a new choreographer, Erin, from L.A., and their "The Last Dance" is about loss and abandonment. Oh, they are gonna bring it.

If they don't win, it could be their last time. Gavin will do a solo called "Better When You're There," and if the stars align, may just beat Abby's girls.

Abby's mom is in hospice care, and the girls go to perform there. In a brief interlude from her sucking, she's glad they could put a smile on the patients' faces.

Back to the main event, Cheryl keeps failing as she doesn't have make-up and other items for Fallon. The other moms help, but Abby calls it babysitting.

Meanwhile, Cathy is running Gavin's solo and being supportive. The "encouragement" speech that Kendall gets from Abby could not be more different.

IT'S GO TIME! Gavin dances first and looks good with his extensions and spins. Kendall takes the stage and has a clean, beautiful routine as well.

Fallon forgets her routine, and Abby tells the judges Fallon's history and lack of skill. Leave it to Abby Lee Miller to always be there when you need her.

In the dressing room, Cheryl offers encouragement to Fallon when Cathy comes in, going off to Fallon about Abby's lack of respect. The plot thickens!

Awards time: Fallon gets third, while Gavin and Kendall are separated by a fraction of a point with Gavin in first. Meanwhile, Abby's group wins it all.

As everyone celebrates what should be a happy occasion, Abby excuses all but Fallon and Cheryl, telling them they're basically done with the company.

Christi asks Cathy why she didn't compete. Abby struts in and calls Cathy a coward. It goes downhill from there, and the drama continues next week.

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