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Things could not have ended more awkwardly on screen last week, but Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell look every bit the happy couple in real life.

The Bachelor stars even went to a wedding this weekend … no, not theirs.

Juan Pablo declared that he is DONE with The Bachelor and any related appearances for the series (good riddance was ABC’s response), but hasn’t gone off the grid.

He’s posted a tribute video to Nikki Ferrell, as well as a selfie of the duo.

Now, thanks to Nikki’s Instagram account, we have a look at the awkward TV couple looking beautiful and happy at a friend’s wedding in the Dominican Republic.

We know, we know: Juan Pablo has friends?! Maybe it’s one of Nikki’s …

The Bachelor: Juan Pablo-Nikki Ferrell 'Proposal'

Notably absent, of course, is a ring on Nikki’s ring finger, which is clearly not going to be sporting one as long as this relationship continues existing.

Juan Pablo has been the talk of the Internet since The Bachelor last Monday night, when he wasn’t even capable of saying whether or not he loves Nikki.

This was the same night in which he disrespected Clare Crawley hard.

Despite looking almost as dejected as Clare during Juan Pablo’s “I like you a lot” non-proposal (above), Nikki has come around … or is putting on a good front.

You tell us …

Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis: Will it last?