Dogs React to Magician: Where's My Treat?!?

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We already know what it takes to make a dog happy: leave the room, let him roll around on your bed.

We also know what it takes to make a dog frightened: place a cat inside a paper bag.

But magician Jose Ahonen has now determined what it takes to make a dog confused: make his treat disappear!

See the hilarious reaction of one canine to this cruel slight of hand in the following GIF:

Magician Fools Dog

Have no fear, dog lovers, Ahonen has noted that "all the dogs got treats before and after the trick."

So don't worry about their actual well-being and just enjoy their reactions to this magical tease in the video below:

Naturally, we had to them add to this to our ever-growing collection of totally adorable dog footage.

Prepare to dedicate minutes of your day by to the cutest canines alive now:

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