62 TOTALLY Adorable Dog Videos

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They call dogs Man's Best Friend for a reason.

In these videos, we bear witness to some of the cutest pets you'll ever see, a number of canines jump, howl, dance and do everything else that makes us adore them so.

1. Dog Goes Gangnam Style

This dog is dancing up a storm! Look at it go all Gangnam Style, folks!

2. Husky Hates on Kennel

This husky really does not want to get into his kennel. Not at all. Not one tiny bit.

3. Pajama-Clad Dog Plays in Snow

This dog is wearing pajamas and playing in the snow. In other words: it's a must-watch video.

4. Baby Girl Laughs at Dog Eating Popcorn

Behold, the cutest video ever! This baby girl loves watching her dog eat popcorn. It's amazing.

5. Husky Learns How to Howl

A husky learns how to howl in this video. It's as adorable as you'd expect it to be.

6. Puppy Reduces Young Woman to Tears

It doesn't get much cuter than this. Watch a young woman bawl her eyes out over the gift of a puppy.

7. Corgi LOVES the Slide

This Corgi is named Buddy. And he really, really, really loves this slide. See what we mean now!

8. Dog and Tiny Owner Play with Bubbles

This toddler and this dog play with bubbles in this video. The only question: Which one is cuter?!?

9. Cat and Dog Team Up: Let's Escape!

A cat and a dog team up in this hilarious video. They are intent on escaping! Watch now.

10. Dog Holds Owner's Hand in Car

This is beyond adorable. Watch now to see how a dog won't let his owner drive unless they are holding hands.

11. Puppy Plays with Baby

This may, truly, be the cutest video you'll ever see. It's of a baby and puppy. Enough said, right?

12. Military Dog Plays with Kitten

Well, this is pretty much the cutest thing ever. Watch as a retired military dog plays with a kitten.

13. Puppy Despises Lemons, Love Yoga

This may be the cutest puppy on the Internet. Watch him react to a lemon and practice Yoga now.

14. Dog Runs in Sleep

This dog does not need to be walked. He's getting some exercise while fast asleep!

15. Dog Rides Roomba

A dog rides a Roomba in this Vine video. It's short, but it's hilarious.

16. Golden Retriever Puppy Falls Asleep

This Golden Retriever puppy is trying to take a snap with his head on the coffee table. But it keeps falling off! So, so, so adorable.

17. Bulldog Tries to Walk Great Dane

A mini bulldog tries to take a great dane for a walk in this video. Watch now to see the hilarious results.

18. Puppy Manages to Climb Stairs!

This is one of the cutest videos we've seen in a long time. Watch a puppy teach himself how to climb stairs.

19. Dog Acts as Dentist

A dog plays dentist in this amazing video. Watch now as he pulls put a boy's loose tooth.

20. Dog Plays on Bed

What happens when this owner leaves her dog alone and places a hidden camera in the room to see if he'll jump on the bed? Well...

21. Cat Scares the Ish Out of a Puppy

HA! Check out this video to see a cat scare the heck out of a puppy. Adorable.

22. Puppies Recreate "Happy"

This may be as adorable as it gets. Check out a bunch of puppies doing up their own version of "Happy."

23. Puppies Introduce Themselves to Kitten

These two puppies aren't sure about this kitten at first. But they end up coming around quickly.

24. Doggie Food Fight

It's a food fight! Or, rather, a fight over food! Watch a small dog protect his bowl in this adorable video.

25. Dogs Get Shocked by Magic Trick

Turns out, dogs are as shocked by magic tricks as human beings are. See what we mean here.

26. Great Dane Really Wants to Play with Baby

This Great Dane is dying to play with this baby. Does it get any cuter?!?

27. Puppy Doesn't Want to Sleep

Cutest dog video ever? This is certainly up there, as a French Bulldog puppy objects to going to sleep.

28. Dog Flips Out Over Squirrel

Say hello to Rocco. He's a Springer Spaniel and he makes an AMAZING sound when he sees a squirrel.

29. Dog Won't Get Out of Bed

This dog has a case of the Mondays. He really does not want to get out of bed.

30. Dog Helps Change Baby's Diaper

Greatest. Dog. Ever. This canine actually helps its owner change a baby's diaper.

31. Puppy Walks Horse

A three-month old puppy walks a horse in this video. What else do you need to know?!?

32. Fish Scares Heck Out of Dog

A dog has his first encounter with a fish in this video. It doesn't go so well.

33. Great Dane Refuses to Wake Up

It's 3:30 a.m. in this video. No wonder this insanely adorable Great Dane puppy does not want to get out of bed.

34. Pitbull Plays with Deer

Well... this is adorable. Watch a Pitbull play with a deer and witness an unexpected friendship form.

35. Beagle Plays Soccer, Scores a Goal

This Beagle is better at soccer than we are. Watch the little guy score a goal now.

36. Dog Jumps for Joy Over Dinner

This dog REALLY loves dinner. Like, REALLY. Watch this video to see what we mean.

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