62 TOTALLY Adorable Dog Videos

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They call dogs Man's Best Friend for a reason.

In these videos, we bear witness to some of the cutest pets you'll ever see, a number of canines jump, howl, dance and do everything else that makes us adore them so.

1. Dog Goes Gangnam Style

This dog is dancing up a storm! Look at it go all Gangnam Style, folks!

2. Husky Hates on Kennel

This husky really does not want to get into his kennel. Not at all. Not one tiny bit.

3. Pajama-Clad Dog Plays in Snow

This dog is wearing pajamas and playing in the snow. In other words: it's a must-watch video.

4. Baby Girl Laughs at Dog Eating Popcorn

Behold, the cutest video ever! This baby girl loves watching her dog eat popcorn. It's amazing.

5. Husky Learns How to Howl

A husky learns how to howl in this video. It's as adorable as you'd expect it to be.

6. Puppy Reduces Young Woman to Tears

It doesn't get much cuter than this. Watch a young woman bawl her eyes out over the gift of a puppy.

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