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Did Juan Pablo Galavis back out of a "surprise" marriage proposal to Nikki Ferrell at the last minute on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose special Monday night?

The most awkward moment of many in Juan Pablo and Chris Harrison’s tense back-and-forth was the mysterious announcement that the host hyped up.

Supposedly, Juan Pablo had told show executives that he planned to propose to Nikki on the post-finale broadcast. Only that obviously never happened.

Juan Pablo After the Final Rose Interview

Asked what he told execs, Juan Pablo brushed it off like this never occurred, and awkwardly reiterated that he and Nikki are in a relationship starting now.

According The Bachelor spoilers guru, Reality Steve, Juan Pabs was bluffing; Galavis was going to propose and ABC offered him a large sum to do so.

However, after the negative press he got in recent months, including unflattering comments from Chris himself, The Bachelor decided to axe his proposal.


Instead, he acted like he had no idea what Chris was talking about and made him look totally misinformed. The whole thing was extremely comfortable.

So does that mean Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo are in fact in love and headed for the altar at some point, and he’s just pissed at the ABC franchise?

Not necessarily, although he certainly is that. Another insider said Juan Pablo had zero intention of popping the question on the Season 18 finale.

In any case, he blew off his Tuesday morning Good Morning America appearance and went off the grid, with few public sightings noted anywhere.

"Juan is so angry with the Bachelor production team," a source said. "He’s had major tension with them since right when he got back from filming."

Echoing a familiar theme, "Juan thought they gave him no privacy and wanted to know too much about his life and what he was doing all the time."

Things came to a head, unsurprisingly, during the After the Rose special taping on Monday, the source continues, when he blew off the show for good.

Yesterday, he posted a photo with Nikki captioned "We are FREE," followed by another message: "Throw me to the wolves and I’ll come back leading the pack."

So hard.

He also shared a cringe-worthy video montage of Ferrell, writing: "Amor @Nikki_Ferrell, glad that we stay TRUE to ourselves and we are REAL… This is for YOU."

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