Andrew Lewis, Jenelle Evans' Baby Daddy, Wants Nothing to Do With Jace

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No wonder the name Andrew Lewis doesn't ring a bell for most people, even many ardent celebrity gossip readers who watch Teen Mom 2 online.

Jenelle Evans' mysterious baby daddy wants nothing to do with her - or their son Jace. The Teen Mom 2 star made this sad fact clear on Twitter Monday.

Last summer, Lewis threw made a public fit over the fact that the reality star and her mom Barbara (who has custody of Jace) weren't letting him see his son.

According to Jenelle Evans, that was all talk. See her Tweets from this week:

  • I hate trying to have a convo with Jace's father ... so hard not to get all mad at him.
  • “@Frankenkimmy: @PBandJenelley_1 do it for Jace” dude I keep trying and Andrew won't budge ... He seriously doesn't give a s--t.
  • God I feel so bad for Jace. his dad really wants nothing to do with him ... I never knew a father can actually have the balls to say this.


When you get past the fact that this is clearly sad for Jace, who may really struggle with it down the line, the silver lining is that it may be for the best.

This is a guy who doesn't think using heroin is that big of a deal, admits hitting Jenelle, and publicly called the mother of his child "dumber than a f--king brick."

If nothing else, Barbara, Jenelle and hopefully Nathan Griffith, who she is currently expecting her second son with, can be honest with Jace about it.

Is that preferable, in a sad way, to giving Andrew a chance which he inevitably fails to deliver on? Sadly it probably is, and Jace has been a resilient kid.

Hopefully Jenelle, Nathan and Barbara give Jace and future arrival Kaiser (that's the name they picked out) will be all the support system he needs and more.

Granted, that assumes Jenelle is really getting her act together, a slow-developing scenario we sincerely hope is true ... but you have to remain cautious about.

For obvious reasons ...

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