Watch The Bachelor Online: Season 18 Episode 8

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The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 8 saw Juan Pablo send Renee Oteri packing, narrowing the field down to three ahead of tonight's special Tuesday installment.

Did his rocky hometown dates just foreshadow trouble in paradise?

It sure felt like it, as Juan Pablo battled hard, sometimes in vain, to win the approval of the ladies' families. In Andi Dorfman's case, boy did he come up short.

If you read The Bachelor spoilers, you know what's coming next.

Or at least what supposedly does. You can never totally trust the spoilers until you watch the events play out on ABC for yourself, but they're usually on point.

It's also been pretty much stated by Chris Harrison himself that the tables are turned on El Bachelor tonight, as one of the women decides to peace out.

Thus, the promise of Fantasy Suite nightmares on the horizon.

Will that hint come to fruition? Which of the three will it be, Nikki Ferrell, Clare Crawley or Andi Dorfman? What fallout will ensue if and when that occurs?

Set your DVRs in any case, because this could be pretty wild.

In the meantime, click above to watch last night, and if you want to catch up on any past episodes, follow the link to watch The Bachelor online at TV Fanatic!

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