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Wade Robson is not backing off his crusade against the Michael Jackson Estate, demanding to see alleged evidence that the singer molested others.

The choreographer, who claims he was repeatedly molested by Michael Jackson as a child, wants to take the late pop legend’s estate to court over it.

Wade is seeking damages for the trauma and suffering he endured, even though in 2005, he defended MJ adamantly at the star’s criminal molestation trial.

Best Dancer Ever?
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Now he’s saying that was all the result of brainwashing, however, and wants the Estate to cough up any evidence they have of Michael molesting boys.

Robson, who officially filed a claim with the Estate last year asking for money as a result of allegedly being molested from ages 7-14, is demanding:

  • Names and other identifying information of all boys under 18 when alleged sexual misconduct occurred at the hands of Michael Jackson
  • Any related legal settlements that have not been made public.
  • Any evidence of “seduction” on the part of the singer

The Estate’s response is twofold, saying all the information Robson wants is privileged and cannot be divulged, and his entire claim is illegitimate.

Regardless of what happened or what didn’t happen – and they deny anything did – Jackson’s camp says he waited way too long to file his claim.

Notwithstanding the fact that he’s contradicting his own testimony under oath, the statute of limitations long since lapsed, they say, rendering all this moot.

Wade Robson says the delay was only due to the fact that he was so severely messed up mentally by Jackson, who was a monster, and he won’t back down.

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