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The puck is about to drop on the most anticipated hockey game of the Winter Olympics.

It’s USA versus Canada in a semifinal matchup, with the winner moving on to play Sweden for the Gold Medal.

As if these stakes weren’t high enough, Command Transportation has now proposed another prize for the winner: it gets to say goodbye forever to Justin Bieber!

A freight broker in Illinois, the company has posted the following picture on its Twitter account, hitting especially close to home for Bieber, who was born in Canada and who is a major hockey fan:

The Biebs actually stopped by a junior league hockey practice a few weeks ago, skating around with some teenagers and posing for photos with excited teammates.


He recently told followers to work hard and be great, advice all Olympians should take to heart.

How crushed must Justin be that he’s become a walking, singing, egg-throwing punchline? Not too crushed, we figure, considering he’s back together with Jordan Ozuna.

This Hooters waitress probably knows ways in which she can distract her boyfriend.

Moreover, let’s face it, Bieber is used to jokes at his expense at this point. To wit: