The Originals Season 1 Episode 13 Recap: The Witches Win?

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Throughout The Originals Season 1, the focus of this new CW hit had been on its core characters.

Week after week, viewers witnessed one friend turning on another, new alliances being formed, chess pieces moving around the board in The Big Easy.

But that all changed with The Originals Season 1 Episode 13.

It's safe to say the Celese-led witches made their presence felt during the hour. How so?

  • Sophie drove Papa Tunde's dagger into Klaus. It plunged itself all the way in and left this hybrid down for the count.
  • Celeste trapped Hayley and her new werewolf friend Jackson (who is part of Hayley's Crescent clan, was human just for the full moon and who said their parents betrothed these two to each other a long time ago) inside a burning home while making a deal with other werewolves to take Rebekah down outside.
  • Peeved that her aunt didn't believe strongly enough, a resurrected Monique killed Sophie. For real! She bloodied her eyes and left her for dead on the street.

That made for quite the ending to the hour, as fans will now need to wait until February 25 to learn Sophie's fate.

Father Kiernan also got hexed by a witch and may now end up going crazy like his nephew did. Fun times!

These actually were very fun times, as one shocking death and two shocking near-deaths have fans reeling. What did you think of the latest outing?

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