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On The Biggest Loser, losing is winning, and winning big.

With a $250,000 prize on the line, three very contestants took to the scale one last time Tuesday on the finale of the popular, inspirational program.

Bobby Saleem, 28, epitomized the “second chances” theme of the 15th season of the NBC weight-loss competition as the biggest at-home loser.

Rachel Frederickson, a 24-year-old voice-over artist from L.A., and David Brown, a 42-year-old project manager from Edmond, Okla., also made the finals.

So who finally emerged victorious?

While all three finalists boasted really impressive weight loss totals, it was Rachel who shed the highest percentage of her body weight, having dropped 155 lbs. 

Ending the season at just 105 lbs., she is The Biggest Loser!


Coming in second was David, who lost 222 lbs. and now weighs 187 lbs., and Bobby came in third with a weight loss of 188 lbs. to now weigh 170 lbs.

“I was shocked,” Rachel Frederickson said after winning it all.

“I came [on The Biggest Loser] to gain back my life, and I did exactly that. I’ve found that proud, confident girl that has so much respect for herself.”

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All in all, a stunning transformation even for a show full of them.

Winning the at-home prize on Tuesday night after being sent home from the ranch was Tumi Oguntala, a 41-year-old brand strategist from Clifton Park, N.Y.,

Losing 175 lbs. to stand on the scale at 144 lbs.? Awesome.

“I began this journey an obese woman, and I’m standing here happy and healthy,” Tumi told People. “I couldn’t believe it. I just started crying.”

Congratulations to all who competed this season!