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Juan Pablo Galavis is on to the hometown date portion of The Bachelor, which can only mean heartbreak and high drama for at least one of the remaining women.

Maybe all of them, from what we know from The Bachelor spoilers, and even just the promo which aired after Monday’s episode, which looks pretty intense.

The hometown dates and fantasy suite episodes will air on back to back nights next week, and from the looks of this sneak peek … better hold onto something:

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NOTE: Remember to watch The Bachelor online at TV Fanatic to catch up on last week’s crazy episode!

Andi Dorfman takes Juan Pablo to Atlanta, Clare Crawley meets him in Sacramento, Nikki Ferrell brings him to Missouri, and Renee Oteri romances him in Florida.

The final three (see link above to learn who they are), then jet off to St. Lucia for the Fantasy Suite hotness Tuesday and epic Season 18 finale March 10.

Before we get to that finale, though, the promo hits at a number of key developments. It could just be clever editing, but it looks like we can expect to see …

  • Andi Dorfman‘s father refuse to give Juan Pablo his blessing 
  • Clare Crawley‘s family also giving him a lukewarm reception
  • Nikki Ferrell crying for some reason
  • Renee Oteri being there too
  • Andi threatening to bounce

Apparently, ABC must be okay with The Bachelor spoilers at this point, as it shows Andi saying she “wants to leave as soon as it’s morning,” clearly in St. Lucia.

So she makes it to the final three. Who will join her in the Caribbean?

Moreover, who will, and should, win the final rose from Juan Pablo?

And whomever that is, are they engaged? Or even together now?

Scroll through our gallery of the four remaining women, then leave your comments and predictions for the rest of the season (and vote in our poll) below!

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