The Americans Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: An Awkward Position

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The Americans Season 2 premiere put Peter and Elizabeth in an awkward position.

And, no, we're not referring to when Paige walked in on her parents in their birthday suits, lying in with their heads on opposing sides of the bed.

We're talking about an innocent family outing that turned into an unexpected mission for Peter, one that forced him to go against his policy and actually bring Henry into play.

Yes, the stakes of the Cold War are being raised for this couple and they are finally starting to his very close to home.

The scene where Peter and Elizabeth walked in on their murdered friends was horrifying.

They actually didn't know their fellow spies all that well, they hadn't even seen their children past the infant stages, but the fear was made obvious toward the end by Elizabeth: Who is targeting them? And what's to stop this from happenings to the Jennings?

How can they live like this?

Stan, meanwhile, is playing played by all sides, having complicated what was an important resource in Nina by falling in love with her. He's literally sleeping with the enemy and he's living across from them.

A very strong start overall for a VERY good show. The Americans is suspenseful, it's surprising and it's emotional.

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