Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 6 Recap: Jenelle Evans is Pregnant! Or Not ...

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For the Teen Mom 2 cast, there's never a dull moment. Between pregnancy scares, health issues, custody battles and relationships, the drama is 24/7.

What did we learn in last night's episode, "False Positives"?

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So Jenelle Evans is pregnant again! OMG! This is insane!

Or not. After she goes to see a doctor for confirmation, she finds out that the test result may be a false positive caused by hormones from her recent abortion.

She has to go for an ultrasound and her uterus is empty.

Okay, phew, she is definitely not pregnant. Plus 200 because that development would just be too much, too soon for her to handle at this phase in her life.

Oh, wait, Jenelle Evans does get pregnant for real soon.

Speaking of which, Nathan Griffith gets Jenelle laughing by telling her they need to start "practicing" more. Minus 100 for TMI. Plus 100 for being sweet.

Towards the end, Jenelle tells mom Barbara about her false pregnancy, and Babs is as relieved as we are that another bundle is not on the way. Plus 100

Jenelle, however, does not listen. Minus 400.

This girl wants another baby and was determined to make it happen. Soon enough that little boy will be here, and we just pray she's up to the task.

Leah Messer, meanwhile, is concerned about husband Jeremy Calvert, who just fainted at work. Stress is high on the way to his doctor’s appointment.

The doctor runs a few tests on Jeremy, and the result is that he is suffering from ... stress. Jeremy has to take at least a week off of work to relax.

Plus 100, assuming he can actually do that.

Later, instead of enjoying a night out with friends, Leah vents about all of her issues with her little girls and Jeremy. Life is not easy for the Calverts.

Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera are feuding.

Big surprise there. The dad wants 10 overnights a month with their son, Isaac, in exchange for allowing her to move out of state with her new hubby.

Even though it’s only two more than he already has, Kailyn is hesitant to agree and instead offers nine. Somehow, they cannot make this work out.

Minus 400. Later, the judge allows Kailyn to move Isaac out of state - fortunate, since she already had - and grants Jo nine overnights a month.

Finally, some good news. Plus 700 for that, but we're still concerned that the animosity between them is too high for them to put Isaac's needs first.

Chelsea Houska is celebrating her little girl's fourth birthday at pre-school, while Adam Lind welcomed his second daughter, Paisley, with his new girlfriend.

For the 97th time, Chelsea opens up about how she feels like things are still flirty with Adam and she’s confused about what is going on with them.

Girl, honestly, just forget this douche ever existed beyond trying to get as much child support as you can out of him when he's not in jail for DUI.

Minus 500, because how many years does it take?!

Not that Chelsea makes this easier when it comes to his involvement in Aubree's life. These two and Kailyn and Jo could both learn from Leah and Corey.

Still, you have to wonder what she sees in this loser.


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