Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 21 Recap: The Fallout

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Last Tuesday night, Aria finally find out.

OnĀ Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 21, viewers witnessed the fallout of her discovering the truth about Ezra and wondered: Would she flip out?

In a word: Yes. Aria trashed her ex-boyfriend's apartment and even considered telling the principal about her relationship with Ezra.

But Hanna talked her friend out of this course of action, as fans were left to wonder whether Ezra's talking points are actually accurate.

Is he really just writing a book? Is he not as evil as he seems?

Granted, the guy is more into his tome's release date than Aria, so it's not as if Ezra will be winning any Nice Person Awards any time soon.

But this feels a little like Pretty Little Liars Season 3, doesn't it? With the Toby reveal that didn't end up being much of a reveal?

At some point, someone just has to be truly evil... right?

The most intriguing development of this episode, by far, were the questions raised about Spencer. She's been on pills before. She's blacked out before.

Could she have killed Alison in a rage? The two were seen fighting the night of the incident. Now this would be a fun twist, although let's be honest: Would the series really go there?

Would it make a main character into a murderer?

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