Super Bowl Rigged? Conspiracy Theorists, Satire Article Suggest Broncos Tanked

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Sunday night's Super Bowl XLVIII result was certainly a joke, but was it rigged? The online conspiracy theorists are swarming following the lopsided outcome.

The Seattle Seahawks didn't just beat the Denver Broncos, they absolutely demolished them in every conceivable facet of the NFL championship game.

It was not as close as the score suggests ... and the score was 43-8.

Obviously, this has given way to the obligatory chatter that the Super Bowl was rigged, and Huzlers, site with an Onion-like penchant for satire, fueled the fire.

Huzlers posted a “breaking” story this week with the headline “Super Bowl XLVIII Believed to Have Been Rigged and Currently Under Investigation by NFL.”

Because few people know what Huzlers is, people believed this.

The story claimed NFL officials “found clues that might prove the game was rigged" and imply Denver "lost the championship in exchange for a large amount of money.”

The report goes on to say that ref Terry McAulay overheard Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning asking Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, “When are you going to pay up?”

Of course, there is no evidence that the game was fixed or rigged, despite the first snap of the game almost decapitating Manning in hilarious fashion.

Huzlers identifies itself as “a combination of real shocking news and satire news to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief.” It's clearly not a real story.

Still, the mismatch was almost laughable, and Denver's comedy of errors - see video above - certainly made it look like they weren't trying at times.

Seriously, were they even trying to tackle the Seahawks?

Did someone send hookers to the Broncos' hotel the night before? Did they all see the Jamie Casino Super Bowl ad on YouTube and lose their focus?

Rigged or not, something was definitely up.

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