Jamie Casino: Super Bowl Commercial is a National Sensation!

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Personal injury lawyer Jamie Casino's epic, thoroughly insane Super Bowl commercial made him one of the biggest viral stars of Sunday night's event.

Impressive, considering it only aired in Savannah, Ga.

Almost immediately after the Jamie Casino Super Bowl ad aired and spread like wildfire online, he began getting calls from potential clients all over the U.S.

Not only that, TV and movie producers began inundating him with offers, he says. If you've seen this production he put together, you'll understand why:

In theatrical, hilariously over-the-top fashion, Casino's ad tells the story of how his brother was killed in a police-related shooting and how this changed his life.

Before that, he admits, he was a ruthless criminal defense attorney. Now he's a man of the people, a lawyer who stands up for those who have been wronged!

How much did this unreal TV spot cost?

Jamie Casino tells TMZ Live that he spent under $100,000 to film and buy the advertising on local TV during the Super Bowl ... clearly money well spent.

According to Casino, he has a movie camera that he often utilizes for television advertising, but decided to go particularly big in this case. Mission accomplished.

As for whether he'll actually take producers up on offers to parlay this into fame and fortune? His two young kids will probably prevent that from happening.

We can't wait for the sequel, though.