Rihanna and Drake: In a Relationship!

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Rihanna and Drake are totally in a relationship, according to insiders, and not only that, she's finally learning how a girl should be treated in one.

The pop star, 25, is loving all the attention Drake is giving her and she’s been gushing to her friends that he’s a true “gentleman,” a source says.

The Canadian rapper, 27, reportedly "treats her like a queen." Aww.

This, clearly, is a departure from the norm for Rih-Rih. Hardcore.

“He’s a gentleman and you know Rihanna isn’t quite used to all that ... she’s used to bad boys, the ones who are hood and swagged out and real ghetto like her ex."

"But even though she’s use to all that ratchetness," says this quotable insider, "it’s a real treat when she’s with Drake because everything flows well.”

Ouch, Chris Brown. Just ouch. That's got to hurt, doesn't it bruh.

So what is Rihanna and Drake's relationship status now, exactly?

Friends? Boyfriend-girlfriend? Just filling each other's needs?

“She’s already in a relationship with him ... it’s a friendship and it’s a real close one,” the source adds ... so that clears up basically nothing whatsoever.

Rihanna and Drake compliment one another perfectly, the source adds, explaining that the couple “don’t argue” and that he knows when to step back.

In other words, Drake knows when to let RiRi take center stage.

“Drake’s not all up in the club trying to be the star and get all the attention,” the source says. “He’s real chill and laid back and that in itself turns her on.”

“Drake’s got swag of his own and knows how to really treat her,” the source adds, noting that while things aren't super official yet, just give it time.

“It’s going to be hard to date someone in the future other than Drake because she says, ‘Since he’s been treating me like a queen, I can’t go back to bulls--t.’”

Sounds like a celebrity match made in heaven, right?

You tell us: Rihanna and Drake ...

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