Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: Abby Lee Miller is Pure Evil

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Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 9 showed us once again that Abby Lee Miller is the wicked witch of the west. Or Pittsburgh, depending on the week.

Without Kelly Hyland, she's running roughshod over everyone even more prolifically than ever, letting that massive ego and bullying nature run wild.

In Pittsburgh, everyone is in the rehearsal studio but Maddie, who is working in LA. Abby is looking for the new Maddie, but it won't be Nia, Kendall or Kalani.

Chloe's facial expressions place her with Mackenzie on row two. Mackenzie beat Chloe because of the candy box she carried; Maddie is at the top.

Try to contain your shock at that development.

This week, they travel to Fort Wayne, where Abby Lee Miller really wants to notch their eighth win, and is not about to let any setbacks get in the way.

If you watch Dance Moms online, you know how the unabashed shot-caller she gets when her eyes are on the prize. Think teeth-gnashing intensity.

Mackenzie will be doing an acrobat called "Red," Kalani "Swan Solstice" and Chloe "Into Me." Since Maddie is MIA, the others will improvise for the lead.

It comes down to Kendall and Chloe with Kendall winning. The solos start and Chloe is up first. Abby wants her to look inside herself and BE Maddie.

Christi feels that Abby will never put Maddie up against anyone who might take her down. Meanwhile, Kelly Hyland calls Christi and wants to catch up.

Kira wants to tag along to make sure that Kelly isn't returning, which is clearly not happened anytime soon after the Abby Lee Miller fight ... right?

Abby tears them a new one about associating with the enemy and discussing studio business outside the studio ... because that never happens or anything.

On the bus, Abby tells the girls to act like professional dancers. Soon enough, it's time for the competition in Indiana. So how did the girls perform?

Chloe performs "Into Me" and does well. Kalani performs "Swan Solstice" adequately. MacKenzie's performance is good until she loses her hair piece.

When The Beast enters the dressing room, Kalani gets a great, Chlose gets a good, and Mackenzie just gets yelled at about being unprofessional.

As the girls perform "The Bite," Abby is happy. Or as happy as she can be. The group wins first in junior dance, so we can avoid any epic meltdowns.

Well, mostly. Chloe gets a very good, but Abby tells her she needs to take more lessons. Christi tells Abby that Chloe does, and Abby calls Christi Satan.

And thus ends Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 9. Reality TV at its finest, although we really hope we don't ever have to take lessons from this woman.

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