Nancy Motes, Julia Roberts' Late Sister, Reamed Out Actress on Twitter Last Month: Why?!

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Julia Roberts' late half-sister Nancy Motes, who died last weekend, appears to have called the Oscar winner out in a series of Twitter posts last month.

Motes termed Roberts a “b!tch” and “hag” as she vented, illustrating that their rocky relationship likely never healed prior to Motes’ untimely death.

Nancy Motes was found dead of an apparent overdose Sunday. In Tweets dated January 19, and written under the handle @Dabbs76, she allegedly wrote:

“So my ‘sister’ said that with all her friends & fans she doesn’t need anymore love. Just so you all know ‘America’s Sweetheart’ is a B—-H!!’”

She later added, “Do you want to be a fan of someone so cruel? She’s not even that good of an actress. Happy you totally F--ked with me?”

Clearly, she had an axe to grind, justifiably or not. Three days later, Motes, a professional dog walker, said that that her “own family has abandoned” her.

“Hey Hag! Glad you f--ked with me yet? You’re going to LOVE what’s coming! FYI - You’re an awful, hate filled old pathetic excuse for a human.”

In another bizarre twist, one of her last Tweeks was to Farrah Abraham, thanking her for following her account and asking, “Do you know who I’m related to?”

Motes, who had the same mother as the Pretty Woman star, long had bad blood with her A-list sister, 46, though it's not entirely clear why or from what.

Last May, it was rumored Julia was planning on skipping Motes’ wedding due to the tension, and concern that “Nancy [would] try to tap her for more money.”

Julia “exploded” when she saw Motes snapping photos of her newborn twins in 2005, according to the National Enquirer, offering one possible explanation.

Motes, 37, died in a bathtub, with authorities recovering both prescription and non-prescription drugs at the Los Angeles home she was discovered in.

“The investigator at the scene listed at this point that he is going with suicide,” a source said, but they are “waiting for the doctor to finish the examination."

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