Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Cast: Banned From Partying With Randoms!

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The cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has been forbidden from partying with non-cast members following the epic melee that broke out the other night.

The VH1 show is so out of control - more so than anything you've seen if you watch Love & Hip Hop online this season - that network execs are concerned.

Yes, the VH1 brass is actually worried about fighting. It's that bad!

The cast has now been barred from partying while non-cast members are around, due to the potential risk of huge lawsuits if an innocent bystander gets hurt.

If a fight breaks out during filming in a public place, as we saw earlier this week (above), we could have another seen like this restaurant opening.

One can sort of see their point if you take in the footage.

Fists and bottles started flying and several cast members - and non-cast members - were injured. It's those caught in the crossfire that have producers spooked.

As such, the bosses laid down the law to the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars: No more filming parties with regular folks involved. Keep it in the family.

If you watch Vanderpump Rules online, that's proof positive rigth there that this approach is effective. The cast members beat each other up just fine.

No need to bring innocent people into the brawls.

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