Lil Za: Charged With Three Felonies in Justin Bieber Police Raid

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Lil Za, a notorious member of Justin Bieber's posse, has been charged with three felonies stemming from last month's raid on the singer's home.

Two weeks after Za was arrested for drug possession, the 19-year-old (a.k.a. Xavier Smith) faces two counts of possession of a controlled substance.

Those would be for MDMA (a form of ecstasy) and Oxycodone. Smith also reportedly faces a felony charge for damaging a jail phone. Seriously.

Police found the drugs "in plain view" at Justin's home back on January 14, while searching for evidence implicating Bieber's egging of a neighbor's home.

Lil Za, who lives with Bieber along with Lil Twist, apparently was the owner of the illegal substances, or at least took the fall for the pop superstar.

Alleged texts to Justin from Selena Gomez (below) insinuated that he was letting Za go down for unnamed things that the singer was responsible for.

In any case, Za's day wasn't done once he was taken into custody.

After being arrested, he spent less than a day at the Lost Hills / Malibu Sheriff's Station, but before he was released on bail, all hell broke loose.

Sheriff's officers confirmed that Bieber's buddy damaged a phone, resulting in an additional felony offense and another $50,000 added to his bail.

Guilty or not, the Lil fella got popped, and is in serious trouble.

After being released, Za took to Twitter to sound off, railing against unfair press coverage, saying: "Honestly, the media is making me someone I'm not."

"But only those in my shoes can relate ... These ppl get paid to make you look bad," he wrote on January 16. "Some stuff I've done has been wrong yes."

"But look at the position I'm in and look at the color of my skin."

As for Justin's involvement, at a press conference earlier this month, police confirmed that Bieber was "not connected" to the substances in his residence.

"He was not arrested, nor exonerated at this time," said Lt. Dave Thompson, adding that the investigation - one of MANY involving Bieber - is ongoing.

Za could face years in prison if convicted on all charges.

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