Justin Bieber to Reject Plea Offer, Still Willing to Deal

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Thanks, but no thanks.

That is reportedly Justin Bieber's reaction to a plea deal on the table from prosecutors in his DUI case.

As previously reported, Bieber has the chance to avoid jail if he agrees to alcohol education classes, random drug testing and 40 hours of community service.

Free Justin Bieber

However, insiders now tell TMZ that the singer will NOT accept the terms of this plea bargain for many reasons:

  1. He does not want probation associated with any deal because then he'd be in serious trouble if he broke the law again.
  2. He has a real problem with weed and sizzurp and will not submit to random drug testing.
  3. Attorneys for the artist believe there are big holes in the case against their client, namely that he only blew a .014 on his breathalyzer and that his in-car GPS did not record him as speeding near the time of his arrest.

Bieber also thinks any kind of alcohol education will turn him into a national joke.

The source says Justin is open to a plea arrangement in order to avoid trial... but not this one.

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