Justin Bieber Protest in Atlanta: All a Hoax!

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Thousands of people want Justin Bieber deported. Based on a petition that has made it all the way to the White House, this is a fact.

But it turns out that not many people in Buckhead, Georgia care if the singer moves into their neighborhood.

With Bieber reportedly considering a mansion in the area, a Facebook posting went up last week that urged residents to protest the move because the artist's presence would be "bad for children."

The protestors who actually showed up, however? They were interns of Rock 100.5's The Regular Guys Show, which was behind this hoax - and the "Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition" - the entire time.

Yup, they got us.

"We just sent tweets out, and that's it - just social media," host Steve Rickman tells E! News. "We did not send press releases or anything like that to our local affiliates. We're really not trying to, you know, burn everybody - we're just doing something fun."

The prank drew attention from CNN, BBC News and TMZ, all of whom took it seriously.

"It spun completely [out of control]…We're blown away," Rickman said. "It's a home run when you're a morning radio show."

But not when you're the artist at the center of the hoax.

"I guess I'm an easy target for some. I'm still human," Bieber Tweeted in response. "I will continue to meet hate with love. It's all about the music. Much love."

And it's still worth asking: Would you want Justin Bieber as a neighbor?

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