Potential Neighbors to Justin Bieber: Stay Away!

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Justin Bieber may be wanted these days by Jordan Ozuna.

But the controversial singer's presence is not wanted in any way, shape or form by residents of Buckhead, Georgia, a posh community outside of Atlanta where Bieber is considering an $11 million mansion as his new residence.

A protest has been organized by the Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition, with a Facebook post outlining its plans/reasons that has been signed by 128 individuals.

“As a community here in Buckhead, we have worked hard to achieve our goals and get to where we are,” says the coalition. “Justin Bieber’s relocation to Atlanta can be nothing but bad for our children, as well as the community.”

Citing Bieber's history of reckless driving, the petition adds that children won't be able to "play in the driveway without fear," while making it clear that many will move away if Justin moves in.

“Please do not allow a child to ruin what we have worked so hard to obtain. Thanks for the support!” concludes the post.

The Facebook page includes photos of homemade protest signs that make it clear where many residents stand. They include:

Justin Bieber Protest Sign
Justin Bieber DUI Sign

UPDATE: This was all a radio show hoax!

This, of course, is not the only petition going around surrounding Bieber.

Many want Justin Bieber deported back to Canada. How did the singer fall this far?!?

Oh... right: he hurled eggs at his neighbor's home, allegedly drove drunk and often wears sunglasses indoors.

Tell us, THGers: Would you want Justin Bieber as a neighbor?

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