Justin Bieber in Atlanta: Doing So Many Drugs!

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Justin Bieber is totally and completely out of control.

The singer is currently renting a home in Atlanta and sources tell TMZ that his drug problems have gone from bad to worse while there.

Justin Bieber in His Car

Multiple friends have told the site that Bieber is chugging sizzurp and smoking weed and is "constantly high," rarely even going outside very often because all he cares about is doing drugs.

This is actually why Justin turned down a plea deal offered late last week by prosecutors in his DUI case.

It would have guaranteed no jail time, but only if Bieber passed a number of random drug tests throughout the year. Insiders say such a claus was a non-starter.

Bieber is "drinking more lean [and] smoking more weed than ever," the site alleges, adding that Bieber is systematically removing people from his life who have given him grief over his abuse of substances.

No wonder Rolling Stone states that Bieber is a bad boy, huh?

A major problem appears to be that Justin is spending any time away from home in the studio, recording with hip hop stars such as Diddy and Rick Ross.

But being drunk or high while doing so is all part of this genre of music, making it impossible for Bieber to break a habit that had ben spiraling out of control long before he took up residence in Atlanta.

Let's hope someone can get through to him soon.

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