Farrah Abraham Called "F--king Rat" By Taylor Armstrong, Sort of Takes High Road For Once

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With her second sex tape just days away from hitting the market, the bitter feud between Farrah Abraham and Couples Therapy co-star Taylor Armstrong continues.

Incredibly, Farrah appears ready to walk away from a feud for once.

Taylor Armstrong: The Lips
Farrah Abraham Lip Injections

Armstrong called Farrah Abraham a “f--king rat” on the VH1 show last week, but the Backdoor and More sex tape star isn't taking the bait ... this time.

“I just would hope that her habits - of maybe is it bereavement - kind of going through depression, those type of things ... is it her acting out of that?” Farrah asked.

“Is it jealousy? I’ve just moved on from it, so anything that I hear out of her mouth, I just don’t even take seriously, and I just look at the bigger picture of things."

“And that’s how I would rather be. I’d rather not be the person who is falsely judging, who is making up things, and who is [messing with] somebody else’s life.”

While Farrah certainly makes up plenty of things, most notably the notion that she didn't sign a release for her sex tape sequel, she is being mature here.

Insisting she is the bigger person, Abraham explained, “I’m very happy for Taylor … being a woman who has gone through a loss like myself has."

Grammar is not her strong suit, but we see the point she's making. Taylor's former husband took his own life; Farrah's boyfriend died in a car crash.

Abraham also says she's happy for Taylor, "being a mother and finding somebody that she would like to put her trust in and get married to, [fiancé John Bluher]."

"So on a very real and mature note, I’m happy for what I see of Taylor and all the prospects of her future. I just hope that she continues her therapy and her progress.”

That said, “I’m not any part of her life and she’s not any part of my life,” she adds ... and she's likely not happy about this hitting the web this week:

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