Cop Cuts Off Detained Woman's Hair, Gets Fired After Video Leaks

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Hours before a police officer allegedly struck Charda Gregory, restrained her and cut off her hair, the 22-year-old woke up at motel, surrounded by strangers.

She had no idea how she had gotten there.

She "flipped out," said her lawyer, Paul Misukewicz, then allegedly damaged the room at the Suez Motel on 8 Mile Rd. in Warren, just north of Detroit.

The cops were called to the scene of the controversy, but not before Gregory ripped a TV out of the wall and smashed it, according to Warren Police.

The saga began a few months ago on the evening of November 13, when Gregory was arrested for the misdemeanor offense of destruction of property.

After police say she kicked out the window of a police car, she was pepper-sprayed and charged with the felony of malicious destruction of police property.

Visibly intoxicated, Gregory was at first combative, Warren Police Deputy Commissioner Louis Galasso, but was cooperative and docile during booking.

Yet at the police station, Warren Police Officer Bernadette Najor struck Gregory on the chest and pushed her, a police video of the booking shows.

The controversial video was uploaded to YouTube by user Bruce MacLeod and also obtained by Misukewicz and WXYZ-TV, who first reported the story.

There is no accompanying audio for the video, but the incident begins at 2:25. Several minutes later, officers can be seen restraining Gregory in a chair (6:15).

Then, for some reason, Najor proceeds to cut out Gregory's sewn-in hair extensions (7:19). It takes three minutes before Najor finishes with the scissors.

Gregory told WXYZ that Najor’s clip job had given her bald spots and that her real hair was ripped out as a result of this. A beautician, hair was her work.

A single mom with a young son, she was detained at the Warren station for 14 days. When she was released, Gregory barely remembered had happened.

She thought she may have been drugged earlier that night when she went to a party, but when he showed her the police booking video, he said she was visibly upset.

When police command found out, Najor was fired.

One of the other officers wrote up the incident, but Najor didn't file other paperwork that's required when police officers use force, according to Galasso.

“I read the police report and was stunned at the very bottom line ... that stated that this person’s hair was cut off,” Galasso said, reviewing the video of the incident.

Najor offered an explanation to officials, saying that cutting Gregory’s hair was necessary to prevent the possible self-harm or destruction of property.

That reasoning didn’t make sense to Misukewicz or command, and Galasso said they found no excuse for Najor’s actions, so they fired the officer.

Galasso said the Warren police officer's union has contested Najor's termination, and an arbitration proceeding will take place in the next few months.

All charges against Gregory were dropped.