Raccoon Kisses, Loves on Cat in Adorable Video That Makes Us Smile

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Raccoons and cats aren't typically friends, but in this adorable video that uploaded to YouTube a few years ago, but recently resurfaced, they sure look like it.

Banjo the raccoon and Buddy the cat clearly feel affection for one another, and it's enough to melt even the iciest heart. If they can get along, can't we all?

Talking to you, woman who kicked snow on a cat and got choke-slammed.

How these two got together, we do not know. But it does not matter.

As you can see, Banjo expresses love for Buddy through lots of juicy kisses and Buddy appears to enjoy receiving the love ... or at least begrudgingly tolerates it.

Hey, with cats, sometimes that's the best you're gonna get. Deal.

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