Kylie Jenner Slams Police for Justin Bieber Raid: What a Waste of Money, Resources!

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Kylie Jenner is a 16-year old with a $125,000 Mercedes.

So the reality star knows something about huge wastes of money.

And Jenner has now taken to Twitter in order to express outrage over how The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department is handling theirs:

She can't believe they have dedicated so much effort to raiding Justin Bieber's home.

"Thousands of tax payers dollars were just WASTED by sending 12 ARMED officers with GUNS DRAWN in Justin Bieber's home to search for Eggs," Jenner re-Tweeted today, after a search warrant was issued to investigate Justin's Calabasas residence.

Authorities are hoping to find evidence that links Bieber to the egging of his neighbor's house last Thursday.

Aside from cold hard cash, Kylie believes the police are wasting their resources, which would be better served elsewhere.

She also re-Tweeted the following two messages by Maejor Ali:

  1. "Meanwhile people in Urban communities have a hard time getting ONE officer to come out for DANGEROUS crimes. So many unsolved murders/rapes."
  2. "Shame on you LA County sheriff office and shame on the judge who signed a search warrant for investigating egg- throwing in Calabasas."

The raid did lead to the arrest of Lil Za on cocaine possession, but neither Kylie nor Ali seem to care.

What do you think? Should the police have raided Justin Bieber's home?

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