Justin Bieber Poses with Siblings, Tries to Look All Sweet and Innocent

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We somehow doubt this is a coincidence.

Hours after he allegedly egged the house of his neighbor, and not long after footage of his curse-filled confrontation with that man went viral, Justin Bieber took to Instagram and posted a pair of adorable photos.

One is of him and his sister, the other of him and his brother.

Justin Bieber with Sister
Justin Bieber with Brother

Might this be a desperate attempt by Bieber to garner some positive publicity?

We'd have to imagine so. He wants fans to see him as cute and cuddly and loving... and not as some entitled, spoiled, anger-filled celebrity who would actually THROW EGGS AT SOMEONE'S HOUSE.

Bieber, of course, suffered a major hit to his reputation in 2013. From peeing in mop buckets to sleeping with women in Brazil, his innocent persona went out the window almost as soon as he split from Selena Gomez.

But with talk of those two maybe getting back together, many fans have been hoping this new year would provide a new start for The Biebs.

Instead... this.

Justin almost definitely hurled eggs at his neighbor's home and got into a swear-laden screaming match with the man in front of his 13-year old daughter.

What are we gonna do with this guy, people?!?

UPDATE: Sources now say authorities will definitely pursue FELONY charges against Bieber.


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