Jennifer Hudson Buys Assistant a House, Amazing Freak-Out Ensues

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Man. We may get to stare at Kate Upton photos all day, but we are clearly in the wrong business.

Jennifer Hudson has made it appareny that the best occupation out there is her assistant, a fact Walter Williams discovered on Tuesday when the former American Idol finalist and Academy Award winner bought Williams a house.

Yes, a HOUSE.

In the following clip, posted by Hudson, we see Williams react to this gift by dropping the paperwork on the ground and screaming. Over and over and over and over...

Hudson and Williams have been friends since elementary school.

But Hudson is also all about being awesome to those she scarcely knows.

She may help turn her childhood home in Englewood, Illinois into a women's shelter.

"We still own the home and I would like to turn it into a shelter for women as soon as possible or by my mother's birthday, which is November 7," the former American Idol contestant's sister told DNAinfo Chicago in August. "At least that is what I would like to see the house used for."

No word yet on the status of this project. But even the mere thought is an impressive one.

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