Woman Announces She's Divorcing Cheating Husband on Bar Sign

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Hell hath no fury, you guys, and a woman in Uplands, a suburb in Wales, is living proof.

When the unidentified woman found out her husband was cheating, she decided to "name and shame" him in on the sign above his favorite bar.

Woman Tells Cheating Husband She's Divorcing Him

She feels better, but Paul, her cheating husband, is "furious."

Noah Redfern, the bar's owner, says the woman walked into the bar and asked him to do the honors of breaking the news to her husband. He was happy to oblige.

"Maybe this will become the way of asking for a divorce," Redfern said.

The scorned wife says that she's feeling "a bit better" now that the sign is up and the news is out. Her friends and family have been supporting her.

What do you think? Is this the best or worst way to tell your spouse you want a divorce?

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