Twerking: THG Celebrity of the Year Finalist #6!

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The countdown? Yeah, it's on, THGers. Oh, it is so on now.

It's late in the year, which means we are revealing the finalists for, and eventually the winner of, our site's prestigious, arbitrary, 7th Annual Celebrity of the Year honor.

Who and what made this year the most memorable ever?

Kate Upton heated things up at #10, followed by Breaking Bad's Walter White, everybody's best buddy Jennifer Lawrence and Fifty Shades' Christian Grey.

Now, coming in at #6, we proudly present ... Twerking!

Nicki Minaj Twerking

2013 will forever go down in history as the Year of the Twerk, a dance phenomenon popularized by - or some might say synonymous with - Miley Cyrus.

Which is ironic, as she is overrated at actual Twerking.

Seriously. For all the crazy stuff she did this year, there was relatively little Miley Cyrus Twerking, and she sort of sucks at it compared to the real pros.

See Nicki Minaj above, for example. The way that booty pops ... grinding seductively and rhythmically ... incorporating Lil Wayne's anatomy as well as hers?

That's the gold standard for celebrity Twerkers right there. She's far from alone, however. Twerking is defined, according to the Urban Dictionary, as:

Nicki Twerking
Nicki Minaj Twerk

"The rhythmic gyrating of the lower fleshy extremities in a lascivious manner with the intent to elicit sexual arousal or laughter in ones intended audience."

Hmm. Whether she's thrusting her crotch into Robin Thicke or donning a onesie for reasons unknown, Miley certainly has the latter part down ...

Miley Cyrus VMA Twerk
Miley Cyrus Twerkin'
Miley Cyrus Twerk

Kim Kardashian, meanwhile, likes to do it in the pool. Splash, splash ...

To think, this endless loop is almost as provocative as any part of the Kim Kardashan sex tape and it was on Keeping Up ... reality TV these days.

Kim Kardashian Twerk
Kim Kardashian Twerkin'
Kim Kardashian Twerking

Rihanna, meanwhile, gives Nicki a run for her salacious money. At least she knows she has a backup career as a stripper waiting if singing doesn't work out.

Rihanna Having Sex With the Air
Rihanna Twerk
Rihanna Twerking HARD

Not everyone can be quite so sexy, however, as Vanessa Hudgens and Taylor Swift proved. Maybe a good thing in the end for them ... but no. Just no:

Vanessa Hudgens Twerking
Taylor Swift Twerking

Meanwhile, some things are often called Twerking when they really don't qualify as such ... more like hot girls shaking what good genes gave them.

We still approve, wholeheartedly. Just saying.

Katy Perry Twerking
Kate Upton Twerking

Jimmy Kimmel provided one of the year's most memorable viral videos - and pranks - by staging an elaborate, "epic Twerking fail" with a pro stuntwoman.

The true epic fail was on us ... for falling for it.

The craze extended far beyond stars, of course.

Across the nation, Twerking spread to kids, grown men, high school teams, grandmothers and even classical music fans, giving us these great clips:

Not to be outdone by human counterparts, even cats, dogs and other wild animals proved that they can get in on the action ... sometimes with help:

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