Jennifer Lawrence: THG Celebrity of the Year Finalist #8!

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We've arrived at that time again, THGers.

It's late in the year, which means staff members are working around the holiday clock to unveil the finalists for, and eventually the winner of, the site's prestigious, arbitrary, Seventh Annual Celebrity of the Year honor.

Kate Upton has already checked in at #10, while Walter White cooked his way into our hearts at #9. Now, we present Celebrity of the Year Finalist #8... JENNIFER LAWRENCE!

Jennifer Lawrence in Front of Photographers

Let's get the professional accolades out of the way up front: J. Law won an Academy Award in March. She was just nominated for a Golden Globe.

She's extremely talented and respected throughout Hollywood and it showed like never before over the past 12 months.

But the actress is already down to earth and totally hilarious, which is what truly shot her to A-List status in 2013.

Remember how she handled falling to the floor at the Oscars?

How she FLIPPED OUT over seeing Jeff Bridges?

Remember when she lashed out at weight critics?

What about when she comforted a crying fan outside a Catching Fire premiere?

Or when she talked about butt plugs on Conan? Yes, butt plugs!

For her ability, for her humor, for her incredible job at coming across like our goofy next door neighbor, we honor Jennifer Lawrence in 2013 and look forward to plenty more in 2014!

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