Parents Recreate Famous Movie Scenes with Baby, Are Totally Awesome

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Not so fast, Family Who Remixed We Can't Stop for the Holidays.

You may not have won the Internet after all.

Say hello to Lilly and Leon Mackie and their baby son Orson. The trio recently moved from New Zealand to Sydney, had many cardboard boxes lying around as a result and also a lot of time to be awake with a relative newborn.

So what else is a family to do other than re-create various iconic movie scenes?!?

It started with the following ode to The Life Aquatic, which Lily dubbed "The Life Domestic."

Making Like The Life Aquatic

And then it snowballed in the most awesome way from there...

There's this Star Wars scene...

Family Recreates Star Wars

And this Indiana Jones moment...

Family Makes Like Indiana Jones

There's Orson making like Tom Hanks in Castaway...

Castaway Baby

And, finally, the family pretending to be under attack in Jurassic Park...

Family Makes Like Jurassic Park

"We wanted to depict our messy and sleep-deprived new life of raising a baby," Lily told Buzzfeed.

Mission hilariously accomplished, no?

Head over to Cardboard Box Office now to view other amazing re-creations.

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