Marge Simpson Nude: You Can't Unsee This!

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You might not realize it, but Homer and Marge Simpson can really turn the sexy on when the cameras go off ... at least according to one artist's imagination.

AleXsandro Palombo put together a series of provocative images of the popular animated couple, riffing off the erotic photography of Helmut Newton.

Who knows how you think up this kind of thing ... but he did.

Marge Simpson Gets Sexy

A seductive, gender-bending Homer steers clear of the donuts and blue jeans in the pics, opting instead for a suave suit and the occasional drag number.

Marge Simpson, meanwhile ditches her favorite green tube dress for a slinkier black number, sometimes preferring to wear little or nothing at all.

The Homer and Marge Simpson nude images are a direct homage to Helmut Newton, a black-and-white photographer known for his erotic elegance.

We're not sure if you'll be turned on, scarred for life or somewhere in between, but this is not something you'll see if you watch The Simpsons online.

Do you even want to see it? That's a tough question, we know. Ponder it now before you proceed and can't erase the naked imagery from your memory.

Follow the link below for the unexpected, NSFW pictures ...

Marge Simpson Nude Photo
Homer Simpson Naked
Sexy Homer Simpson
Marge Simpson Topless Photo
Sexy Marge Simpson Photo
Homer Simpson: NO Pants!
Marge and Homer Simpson Nude
Homer and Marge